Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Some Good News!

I'm feeling pretty great today, as I've just finished programming and bug-fixing pretty much the entire mod!

All that's left is to add in a few more dialogue audio and lip files, and merge in another esp and make the relevant merge changes.

So we're looking good for an early July release. I'm aiming for the 2nd.


  1. Great to hear Rob! I just finished Dog City Denver again in my current playthrough. Now I will salivate over adding Beyond Boulder Dome in the very near future :)

    Hope the final touching up and release go as smooth as possible for you.


    Jeff (Hoppy75)

  2. Finally a date to look forward to! I've checked this site almost every day in hope of an update. I can rest a bit easier now. Also looking forward to do some writing for chapter 2 :-)

  3. I cant wait! You should post some teaser photos to make the wait less painful!