Saturday, 16 June 2012

Release Date Update

To give you guys a bit of an update, all that remains to do for BBD is merge in a side-quest area into the main file, that was being worked on by a team-mate, and do a bit of final work on it. So that will take a bit of time, to make all the post-merge changes. Other than that, apart from tieing a few loose ends, everything else has been completed. Also, the Death Squad armors should be textured and ready in a day or so.

I won't give a new release date yet, as it's difficult to tell how long these "last minute" things will take, but progress is constant.

These things just take time. Thanks to everyone for your patience. BBD is about the size of two DLC's. There's a ton of locations to explore, and a ton of new characters (around 70), all voiced and lip-synced, with some great quality voice actors. There's a main quest, and a bunch of side-quests. Depending on the player's choices, the plot will unfold into varying events, so you'd have to play 3 times to meet every character and fight every battle.

So there's a lot of quality game-hours here, so I believe it'll be worth the wait, and I hope you all enjoy the finished product!


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