Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Don't Miss Deadpan's Cat!

Deadpan and his mutant cat, Lenore, are new companions, added in our Beyond Boulder Dome mod. Meet Deadpan in his home, in underground Ghoul Boulder.


[characters and screenshot created by KazFoxsen. Deadpan is voiced by Nile Zam Jones.]

HOW TO FIND LENORE (Mutant Cat Companion). Hire Deadpan and either:

1. Take him to Cricket’s lab (Mu will tell Cricket the story of Peeping Thomas, and after the relevant part, DP forcegreets the PC).

2. Read the report on Grant’s terminal. If hired, DP will forcegreet PC, and if not hired, an option to mention it to him will appear under his personal questions topic, after which he’ll tell his story.

EDIT: After doing the above, search the catacombs beneath the junkyard. I'll update this later, so it's clearer in-game.

Monday, 9 July 2012

I'm back!

I'm back and have resumed work on bug-fixing and improvements. Many thanks to Moburma and everyone who helped him by finding and reporting bugs while I was gone! I've had a great holiday and a much-needed break. Now I'm feeling fresh and excited to resume work on things!

Don't judge the mod by its description. Play it first. Some people are criticising, saying the brotherhood wouldn't be like they are said to be in the description. These people clearly haven't played the mod. That's all I will say to avoid spoilers. I'm on an iPhone, so will leave it at that. Rob

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mod Is Released!

At last, the time has come! Click the link below to download Beyond Boulder Dome Beta:

Preparing to upload now. :)

This will be a Beta, so will have a few blemishes and missing voice files, here and there, though it should be fully working and stable. We'll be putting a lot of effort into updating this further, in terms of fine-tuning and adding even more content.

I'll post again here when the file is up!


File 1 of 4 has been uploaded, in the process of uploading the 2nd file. Will let you guys know when the nexus download page is active. It will only be available on the New Vegas Nexus for now, but I will probably upload to other sites in a week's time, when I return from a 5 day vacation.


File 2 done! We're at the 50 percent mark!! :D


45 percent done of file 3, but this is the biggest file, the last is a third of its size.


file 3 is done! file 4 is smaller (160mb), and it's at 15 percent already!

Before, when I said I was going on vacation.. I've got about an 11 hour coach trip there and back. You know what that means? Plenty of time to work out the plot for Denver!