Friday, 8 June 2012

Model/Texture Progress Shots

The Death Squad Troops' Armor is just about ready (by Xenoo). This texture will be altered, in terms of colours, and also made more worn / weathered:

Here is a concept art image, and model progress shot (by Ozren Fuerst), of a robot warden, to be featured in our Chapter 2 mod on Denver. Though the mod is mainly focused on Denver, the player will also visit (or start at) a large NCR prison, run by robots. This prison will most likely be Tibbets Prison, from Van Buren.

In other news, Beyond Boulder Dome is going well. The actual content of the mod is 99.9 percent completed now. The only reason for delay in release is we're working through some nasty bugs at the moment, but nothing we can't handle!

Some people have commented on internet forums that our project is overly ambitious, but apart from bug-fixing, like I said, this project is basically done. So perhaps very ambitious, but the fact of the matter is, we made it to the final stages. It is a lot of work, but it's enjoyable work and from my own play-testing of this project, I'm very happy to say that all that work has paid off. But you can be the judge of that.. very soon!

Also, if you notice my early posts on this blog, from last year, I was very unrealistic as to when this project would be completed. However, at the time, those goals weren't unrealistic. Originally, the mod was intended to be of much smaller scale, hence the considerably shorter development time,

though as time passed and the project picked up steam, more talented people joined me and our resources vastly improved. Almost a year might seem a very long time, but good progress has been continuous throughout.

This has been a massive learning experience from the outset, so we're learning as we go along, and that can take time.


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