Sunday, 31 July 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update.

We've got a new guy working on some guns to be included. He's modelled and textured a compact Gauss rifle, and he's busy texturing another two guns he's made. They look awesome. His work is very high quality.

At the moment I'm working on putting the fine details into my three worldspaces. First I'm working on Boulder Mountain Park, which will have things like a ranger station and some scenic overlooks and stuff like that.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Dudes

The creator of the awesome mod, Area 51: Project Roswell, Ionis, or Ionis the Bear, has joined the modding team! At the moment, he's working on an underground and abandoned military research centre, where the NCR squad are camping. Check out his mod if you have time, it's very well designed and cleverly thought-out.

We also have EmeraldReign working on some pipboy icons for various items, such as new armors and weapons. Check out his Old World Blues Stealth Suit Mk II mod, for a great new variant to that armor.

Today, I've sent out lines for three more voice actors, and Crawlius has sent me most of his lines for the BOS Elder, which is one of the main characters in the mod. They are sounding great so far!


Friday, 22 July 2011

Work on the Dome itself begins..

So I've started work on The Boulder Dome's interiors, which are a giant interior space (actually made up of a few interiors), with three main levels. The Ground level contains utility halls and the City Sector, which is a futuristic city prototype. It's looking great with DonKnotts new clean textures.

Below that is the Engineering Sector, and above the City Sector will be the Control Sector, which contains the main control room, etc.

I had a couple LOD problems with my worldspaces, but now all that's sorted, and complete with their weather effects, etc, they are looking great!

Also, NateNeurotic is busy working on some unique creature models for the project. I won't be giving away what they are just yet. He's also the designer of the Boulder Dome domestic cats, which are looking fantastic; just as good, if not better, than Bethesda's models.

The voices for Captain James Despot, the leader of the NCR extermination squad, have recently been completed by the talented Jason Steele. He's one of the main characters of the story.

And Crawlius is slaving away on his lines for another main character, the Brotherhood of Steel elder (currently unnamed, I think.)

Also, KazFoxsen is very busy with her character development, dialogue and plot designs. She's been designing custom hats and outfits, etc, for her characters, as well as modified skin-texture. It's all high quality work!

I'm about to go write some lines for Selty, who's going to voice some female computer systems. The oldest scientist of the Dome, Harold Johnson, reprogrammed the computers to speak in the voice of his beloved, deceased wife, Sarah.

That's all I can think of for now!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Ghoul Head-Gear

Just a couple head-gears I'm working on, for my Ghouls. The ghouls have had their brains operated on by the Brotherhood, who've installed small tech-brains in there, in the hope to control the ghouls remotely. The head-gear is their attempt to fix their skulls back up, using bits of scrap metal to hold their heads together.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Worldspaces Done!

I've just finished the final details on the third and last worldspace, so now it just needs navmeshing, and that's all my exteriors completed. Now I can work on interiors. I've already completed some interiors as well.

Just finished the lines for Henry, a junk trader, and sent them off to an actor to be voiced.

Also sent lines for a few other characters to different actors for voicing.

Just got a lot better at sculpting objects from scratch in blender. Just made a helmet for a ghoul from scratch. Getting to grips with Blender is an awesome feeling, especially combined with good knowledge of scripting and the Geck. I feel like whatever I can imagine, I can create. I'm very grateful to have those free programs!

I keep getting new voice actors all the time. I used to think finding female actors was tough, but now it's tough finding parts for these great female voices!

It's also great having a network of fellow modders, courtesy of the Nexus!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Brief Run-down.

Just thought I would type up a brief overview of the mod. This is just the rough bones of the project. I've missed out a lot of important details, as I don't want to give things away.

The Boulder Dome was constructed before the war to be a "city of the future"; a prototype for future cities on the moon and other planets. It was also an advanced scientific research facility, and an Arc of sorts, built to withstand severe nuclear attacks. And withstand it did.

Mere hours before the bombs dropped, only the elite of society, or those with specialist skills; the top of their fields, were transported to the Dome and transported two hundred years into the future. Put into a "cold sleep", they would ride out the war and the following chaos, to start a new world in the future.

When the scientists woke up, they found themselves in a nightmare. Their bodies now riddled with a strange disease of unknown origin, dubbed the Seltsam Syndrome; literally meaning "strange disease". Forced to wear advanced Bio-suits, to help slow the spread, they struggle to survive, as time is running out.

Beyond the Dome, outside the highly toxic ruins of Boulder, two factions are moving in.

The NCR has a deadly and unmerciful mission, so stop the spread of the Seltsam Syndrome by eliminating all potential carriers. They have tracked the disease to its last known vestige, The Boulder Dome itself.

The Colorado branch of the Brotherhood of Steel have also set their sights on the Dome. Its noble leader seeks to control the Dome for the good of the region, to bring peace to the chaos. Very close to a real, working cure for the Seltsam Syndrome, he offers a peaceful solution.

Forced into the middle of things, is a simple courier, far from home. The decisions of the courier may slide the balance in many different ways, ultimately determining the fate of the scientists of The Boulder Dome.

Colorado is a place with many secrets and surprises. Three new worldspaces. New unique weapons and armor, new creatures never before seen with custom sounds, new robots. 20-30 Voice Actors and counting. Now with a simple world-map. A long main quest, and many side-quests should provide many hours of gameplay.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


A very talented 3d-modeller is currently working on a cat for me. It'll be the first cat on the scene! (Unless you count the Nightstalker. That is one mean kitty!)

The Boulder Dome was preserved during the Great War. Its occupants put into a Cold Sleep (even theirs cats!)

New Blog!

Hey guys,

I thought I'd start a blog charting my progress on Boulder Dome and future modding projects for Fallout: New Vegas.

The Boulder Dome is a large project for New Vegas, adding three new worldspaces (already created), a ton of new missions, new creatures, new robots, new weapons, new armors. It includes a ton of fully-voice and lip-sync characters, voice by a bunch of very talented voice actors. (I have about 20 VA's at the moment.)
It has a simple worldmap. It has a long main quest, and many side-quests. Overall, I've put a lot care into the project, as have those helping me, so I hope it's enjoyed by many. It should be released in about two months, as a rough guess, but I don't want to rush this one.