Saturday, 6 August 2011

What Companion Would You Like?

I'm currently building a companion for the mod.

At the moment I'm looking for ideas. What type of companion would you like? The more detailed your ideas are, the better. Check out the mod's description (it might be on the previous page) so you have a idea of what the location and overall feel of the mod is like.



  1. Ok, knowing that on vanilla game we have the soldier , the merchant (Cass), the doctor/scientist, the BoS member, the ghoul, the supermutant, the robot and the dog...

    I say, put a robot. I know, we already have ED-E, but it's more a probe than a robot. Put a robot you can speak with, and set some background for the Boulder Dome and some sidequests involved with the robot. This kind of character can easily be upgraded and improved. Maybe it has been created by scientists on Boulder Dome and let to rot on the Junkyard...

    If not, put a Boulder scientist with that biosuit to preserve his/her life. This character could add some depth to the Boulder history and guide the Courier on a new map.

    If not, maybe a creation of the Boulder Dome, a new creature, human-hybrid....

    Also, think on how easy could be to add another creature as companion like a nightstalker, instead of the same old dog. Or maybe a very special cat :)

  2. You know my suggestion (check F3U PM inbox if you haven't seen it yet) ;) Keep up the good work

  3. I think a albino deathclaw (Sorta like from F2) would be a good idea.

  4. How about a character modeled after John Mclane from the die hard series?

  5. I vote for a dog that saves you from infected dogs in a quest i know rex is cool and all but i miss having a regular dog. My other suggestion is making another female badass companion

  6. I think a dog companion would suit dog city more o.o Maybe a mechanic since you're adding the death factory right?