Friday, 12 August 2011

Dead Factory

The creator of Dead Factory, MontyBrad, has just joined the team. If you check out his thread on that link, be sure to go further through the comments to see more screen-shots. The WIP mod is going to be integrated into Beyond Boulder Dome, as another world-space. I've had a play-through of what he's done so far, and it's high quality work!

So, together with a new smaller world-space that I'm currently working on (an air-craft graveyard with a ruined Mobile Base Crawler to explore), that makes FIVE world-spaces in Beyond Boulder Dome!!

Some Pics:

Mobile Base Crawler (from Broken Steel, Fallout 3 DLC):

Also, another new special creature has been made. Two more voice actors have received their lines. Another one has completed his lines. I'm currently working on a new BOS Armor. We've received the re-textured helmet for the Enviromental Armor, and it's awesome. I made the mesh, and Cabal120 made the textures. Ionis is about to start work on the underground caves / Ghoul town / residence of the former occupants of Boulder, according to the well-thought-out designs of KazFoxsen (who is working on writing the lines for a new ghoul companion called Deadpan, who players can take home with them to the Mojave.)

We've also had a few more icons done recently by EmeraldReign, and they are looking awesome!


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  1. All that sounds great! Good and amazing news :)