Friday, 5 August 2011

Just got the textures back for my Environmental Armor, from the talented texture-artist, CaBaL120, and they are looking awesome. Now I'm going to work on the mesh a bit more, to fine-tune some things.\

In other news, we have a new modeller on-board to work on static models, such as some new computer systems and cryo-chambers, ZealotLee. Clicking on his name will take you to his New Vegas weapon mods.


  1. nice :D this is going to be one sweet DLC, man! how many MBs do you estimate it would take?

  2. :) You think this DLC will bug with any mod?

  3. DVA - Megabytes? Not sure yet, but probably at lot, about as much as one of the real DLCs.

    JUANSAMAN - It shouldn't bug with anything I can think of, since most of the mod takes places in new worldspaces, and I don't replace anything or editing anything vanilla, I just add new stuff.

    It's best not to use it with weather mods though. The weather mods will probably still work, but just not affect my worldspaces, as they have their own custom climates and weather.