Monday, 1 August 2011

New Idea

When considering what fine details and extra locations to add to my world-spaces, I've just had the idea to extend the junk-yard to be massive, occupying a low valley section of the map. It's going to have massive mountains of garbage, with these Junkyard Cyberdogs patrolling about:

 Created for the mod by Quetzlsacatanango.

In the mountains of garbage will be tunnels and scavenger NPC's, and whatever else I think of.
Maybe gangs of garbage-hoarders.

This will also add some more parts for our eagerly awaiting voice-actors, who still haven't been cast.

Oh, and You, reading this, do you have any ideas to add to this idea or to anything else in this mod? Let me know!



  1. would be nice if the scrap yard had a section of it filled with shipping containers, that would form a maze or similar environment... I know a lot of movies and games with container-yard scenes and it gives off a good vibe. and some containers could be open and you find weird stuff in it hehe. If it's too much work, it's fine if you don't do it, it's just an idea :) Keep up the great work! I'm keeping track of everything! hehe Best Regards, DVAted ;)

  2. A scrap heaven! Put a special machine to craft new materials with new recipes the courier can learn there (new armour/weapon improvements, etc), maybe some junk robot the player can add as companion, a junk robot faction...

  3. Thanks for the great ideas guys! I'll try to incorporate something along these lines.

  4. Just making a note here, in case I forget later. Gonna add a quest, given by the caretaker of the land-fill. The quest is to get rid of the squatters, who are hiding in the junk-yard. I'm having tunnels in the garbage, where they can be hiding. The quest is to kill them all, or talk them into leaving, if you have a high speech skill.

  5. Can't you deal with them to stay and kick the caretaker out? Or kill both sides. Or arrange an agreement between them both, the squatters will find and look for the best scrap parts for the caretaker and he rewards them.

  6. I'm not at side-quest design stage yet, was just writing that as a note to remind me, so the idea will evolve later.

  7. Actually, forget I said that last comment. It's good to converse on this stuff, to get better ideas together!

    The character I had in-mind for the care-taker was actually quite hell-bent on killing them, so even if you did the Speech Check, you would have to lie to him that you killed them, or face the care-taker attacking you.

    It would be good too, like you said, to be able to side with the squatters too. Though that might get tricky, since they're not a group, they are individuals hiding in different places. Maybe they could have a leader though.