Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Few More Images

Here are a few more shots from the team.

(by Ionis) A new interior from the Dead Factory, now called Nova Industries:

(DonKnotts) Some clean Enclave tileset shots:

(KazFoxsen) a new board-game:

(Xenoo) An animation preview of a new energy melee weapon:

(NateNeurotic) The first Mutant Cat, to match the prior concept art:


  1. AWESOME :D Everything looks sooooo good!! :D

  2. Cats are extinct in the Fallout universe.

  3. Okay, I've got some evidence now, to support the appearance of cats in this mod:

    This page on the Fallout wiki is probably the most reliable online in terms of Fallout lore. It states here clearly:

    "After the Great War, many cats in what used to be the United States were hunted for food because they were an easy prey until no domestic specimens were left, although a few may still survive."

    Note there that "a few may still survive", also that the article here is referencing "domestic" cats specifically. So it's in no way saying that the extinction of cats is absolute. The only person saying that is House, but civilized life as we know it ended during the Great War, so House has no way of knowing whether there are any cats left in America or the world.

    Also, note this passage:

    "According to the Nursery design document cats both wild and domestic were to make an appearance there."

    --So in Van Buren, cats, both wild and domestic were planned, so why would they plan such a thing if cats didn't exist in the Fallout universe any longer? Doesn't make sense.. because it's not the case.

    The fact is, most domestic cats were eaten as food, in the years following the Great War, but that in no way means that cats are absolutely extinct, nor do I think House even meant that in the absolute sense.