Friday, 23 September 2011

The Boulder DOME

The Dome itself so far. Includes custom base and entrance-way models and textures by DonKnotts.

I'm wondering about the top of the Dome: it looks good and all, but since I'm getting handy with Sketchup, it would be nice to have a completely original Dome, rather than borrowing parts from the vanilla game. Will have to think about it some. Share your thoughts though!



  1. i think it looks good, a bit of vanilla models here and there make it stick with the lore feel of the game. plus, if a new dome would mean further delay of the release, then I'm definitely votin of stickin with this one. I think you don't need anything better.

  2. Since, it's in the title of the piece, it would be the most arresting thing on the horizon as soon as the player enters the world? In the Van Buren pictures it was a sort of 'curious ball'

  3. I actually think it looks pretty sick as it is. I'd keep this and agree with D.V.A. - but Jamie has a point too. It is your title object. ;)

  4. If you can, you should try to make it look unique. The VB dome was pretty fancy in its ball-like look and if it would be me, you should copy that. This would also make it look less like another OWB. ;)