Sunday, 17 July 2011

Worldspaces Done!

I've just finished the final details on the third and last worldspace, so now it just needs navmeshing, and that's all my exteriors completed. Now I can work on interiors. I've already completed some interiors as well.

Just finished the lines for Henry, a junk trader, and sent them off to an actor to be voiced.

Also sent lines for a few other characters to different actors for voicing.

Just got a lot better at sculpting objects from scratch in blender. Just made a helmet for a ghoul from scratch. Getting to grips with Blender is an awesome feeling, especially combined with good knowledge of scripting and the Geck. I feel like whatever I can imagine, I can create. I'm very grateful to have those free programs!

I keep getting new voice actors all the time. I used to think finding female actors was tough, but now it's tough finding parts for these great female voices!

It's also great having a network of fellow modders, courtesy of the Nexus!

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