Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Dudes

The creator of the awesome mod, Area 51: Project Roswell, Ionis, or Ionis the Bear, has joined the modding team! At the moment, he's working on an underground and abandoned military research centre, where the NCR squad are camping. Check out his mod if you have time, it's very well designed and cleverly thought-out.

We also have EmeraldReign working on some pipboy icons for various items, such as new armors and weapons. Check out his Old World Blues Stealth Suit Mk II mod, for a great new variant to that armor.

Today, I've sent out lines for three more voice actors, and Crawlius has sent me most of his lines for the BOS Elder, which is one of the main characters in the mod. They are sounding great so far!



  1. that's great news, mate! I loved Project Roswell and I'm a huge fan of the Stealth Suit overhaul so you've got yourself a DREAM TEAM already :D Awesome news and I can't wait to hear more :D Bookmarking the blog!

  2. Awesome, you have great talents working with you :)