Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Beta Version 0.8 is Released

The new update has been released, that includes many bug-fixes and improvements, and also combines the two esm files into one, thanks to the work of Kuroitsune. Here is a list of some of the changes:

- Two esm files merged into one
- Main quest endings improved.
- Dialogue corrections
- Missing voice audio files added
- Mobile Base Crawler easier to navigate
- Missing quest markers added
- Fixed quest marker error for opening quest
- Fixed Kate errors, such as her appearing at the Lucky 38
- Fixed recurring pop-up bug with gasoline and ignition key messages
- Fixed various texture problems
- Added new quest markers
- Fixed various quest marker errors
- The Last Resort quest marker bugs fixed
- Various cosmetic fixes, such as holes in landscape, floating cans, etc
- Vanilla companions are fired automatically before player arrives in Colorado
- Elite Death Squad helmet added to Scylla's guard booth, outside Nova
- Added C4 to Sentinel Grant's inventory
- Removed door sounds from various cave entrances
- Added activation text overrides where appropriate
- New lines added for the Boulder Zax

-And many more changes.

And some more change-lists, from KazFoxsen:


Fixed hydrant angles corrected
Replaced remaining Searchlight fire engines with Boulder ones
Replaced radios playing Mr. New Vegas with the generic station
Fixed hole in canyon of Boulder Park
Bionics Personnel door can now be removed by Super Sledge, Chainsaw, and Hatchet.
Caroline carries more rare weapons and caps. She carries some ammo (including some armor piercing 556mm) and a small amount of chems, food, drinks, and med supplies. If using an old save, some types of item won’t appear until the container respawns.
Fixed Caroline’s trading quest so it relies on the player returning to her with news, rather than a timer. Makes it clear that the player can trade with Boulder after.

Kate now has companion ammo and non-playable weapons.
Fixed glitches to Deadpan and Lenore’s health when hired together. This also got rid of the bug that made DP nearly invincible.
If the player convinces DP to move on and leave the ghoul cat behind, he’ll gain the Show Must Go On perk upgrade, which improves Writer’s Block (PC gains 75% base health, while DP only loses 25%). Lenore and corpse will both disappear once player leaves Catacombs.
Clarified some dialog when DP finds Lenore (will further clarify when voice files are done)
DP will retell cat story if player asks, even after Cat’s in the Crater quest is completed.
During cat story, player can no longer suggest that Lenore could be a ghoul if DP has found corpse.
DP will force greet player near entrance to town to show that he is recruitable.
DP now performs a short idle when told to follow again to interrupt his reading idle (w/o that, he continues to read, sliding around after the player!)
Gave DP more animations during his story.

Listening to Cricket’s back door first will no longer start Feral Trade quest, but if the player does it, allows option to tell Franko right away.
Fixed the ferals not following Mu problem with a compromise. They follow her out the door, and all three are teleported to end location (to avoid issue where ferals get stuck on stairs and drop ai packages), then Mu follows a patrol path back to the Ranger Station.
Fixed fail conditions for Feral Trade. It fails when PC kills both Cricket and Franko, attacks Franko or Young before confronting Cricket, or attacks Franko or Young while luring Cricket to trap (Cricket and Mu, not knowing Franko is bad, will turn hostile to PC)
If Cricket is lured into a trap, Mu now follows like she should, Cricket yells again and plays an idle when Mu is killed, and once the scene ends, the Ranger Station shows evidence of having been raided of ferals (Bob has gone home, and Alice was vaporized in a struggle).
Improved Feral Trade objectives
Added map marker to Ranger Station
After quest ends, the deathclaw in the cave will be enabled if it hasn’t already
Removed scripts from dead versions of Franko and Young (in cave), so if their bodies are struck while fighting deathclaw, it won’t fail a bunch of BOS quests.

Added map marker to Boulder cave
Moved chair near stage down so it doesn’t float
The corpses of invaders and Andre will disappear after a day. I’ll fix the other townspeople to disappear in a future update. In Andre’s case, his hat and key will appear on his desk if he hasn’t been looted by that time.
Fat Cat and Night Light will no longer attack each other.
Andre now gives the player C-4 to blow up shrine instead of relying on timer. Dialog needs re-recording.
Reputation messages are now displayed
Designated “Andre’s Cabinet” as new hiding place for log book and replaced fake First-Aid box with normal one.
After talking to Andre about Firefly, a countdown begins. If Renato isn’t killed and the Boulder map stolen within 2 days, a mess of death squad soldiers will appear in the town.
If Connie is exiled, she’ll appear as an enemy in Inner Boulder.
Enabled extra speech option to confront Firefly if Player has heard Renato’s plans.
Player can now ask Firefly about Dullahan with all but very low Charisma.
If player starts Connie’s prank, the deathclaw in the cave with the eggs is enabled.



    I've posted a bunch of gameplay pics on your topics here. I hope you like them :)

  2. Good to know! I'll try those main quest endings you improved. Thanks!