Monday, 3 September 2012

Beta Version 0.83

Update 0.83 is now up at the Nexus:


- Capture scene in Crawler updated with new first-person anim, like in Dead Money.
- Capture scene bugged gas-sound fixed.
- Ignition key / gasoline message bug should now be fixed.
- New lines, etc, for Grant, for after main quest. [Audio will come soon.]
- Fixed fade-to-black timing for Zax secret door scene.
- Removed disabled scripts that modify vanilla reputations, to prevent reputation clearing bug. [Needs testing]
- Added in new textures for Underground Boulder stage-curtain. More frayed.


  1. Very sophisticated mod, looks fantastic at first, but I found it very frustrating to navigate. I am on the verge of giving up after several hours with way too much time spent trying to work out how to get where I needed to go. Players start from a point of knowing nothing (and caring less) about the layouts and flows and triggers. The pro game developers seem to have learned that maps and quest pointers need to be kept easily navigable because it's the story and the choices and the pacing that keep it interesting, and spending a lot of time travelling around semi-lost kills the pacing.

  2. Well, I would disagree that most of the mod is difficult to navigate. There are a few dungeon-like areas which can be tricky to navigate, but with reference to the local map it isn't that difficult. Personally, I think getting a bit lost is realistic, and I enjoy that aspect, as it challenges me to think. To each his own though!