Saturday, 24 March 2012

Radiant Flux

The Beyond Boulder Dome team has joined forces with the creators of an upcoming mod for New Vegas, called Radiant Flux. The mod takes the player into a virtual reality fantasy world, designed before the war, as an escape for those unhappy with life. During the Great War, the facility was damaged and radiation leaked in. Now the occupants of the VR machines are ghouls in body, while they minds live out the artificial fantasy called Radiant Flux. Below is a demo trailer, showing the various VR landscapes. The VR facility itself will be located underground, in the Colorado desert, so the mod will fit in quite well with Beyond Boulder Dome and Denver 2, in the end becoming one big Colorado mod.

Radiant Flux:


  1. Will this affect the release date for the combined Colorado mod? Will Boulder Dome still feature a separate release with just the Boulder Dome content?

    Also will all three mods exist in the same large worldspace, similar to the main world space in New Vegas?

  2. No this won't effect any release dates, as different people are working on different mods, for the most part.

    Yes, Boulder Dome will still be released first, on-its-own. All three mods will be combined, so you can travel between the locations. We don't use one giant world-space, like in New vegas, we use a multitude of smaller worldspaces, similar to Lonesome Road, except the worldspaces are larger than those in Lonesome Road.

  3. I'm so excited for this.
    Someone really needs to get on upgrading Dog City Denver. That mod was just slightly, a little bit, almost, entirely terrible.

  4. Well, that was just a learning experience, to get me familiar with the Geck, never a real attempt at a DLC-quality mod. We're already well under way on a new Denver mod. A lot of the recent models are for Denver, such as the robots and cars.

  5. Oh, my lord. YOU did that mod? Nice job none the less. It was really unpolished, but it must've taken quite a bit of work. I actually added a few pics of that mod to the Nexus.
    When is the release date for this mod?
    I really cannot wait for Radiant Flux and Boulderdome. I can't stress that enough. This has so much promise. You, sir, are my modding hero.